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Staff Rules and Punishments

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Staff Rules and Punishments

Post by Righty on Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:49 am


-Sits are number your number one priority. RP<Sits
-Do not be biased in sits, does not matter if you know the person
-Do not talk about a promotion near staff
-Do not link your promotion app to anyone
-Do not abuse power in any way
-Do not use ULX commands while RP for example No Clip, !goto, !bring
-Be decently active on Teamspeak
-You must be on the server atleast 3 days out of the week
-Follow the chain of command Owner>Co-Owner>Developer>Super Admins>Admins>Moderators>Trial Moderators
-Do not ban for dumb reasons


Not following the things listed in this post will result in demotion!

Ban format: Reason | Banned by | appeal @

Jail times:
RDA/RDM X1 is 120 second jail and verbal warning
RDA/RDM X2 is 240 second jail
RDA/RDM X3 is 360 second jail
RDA/RDM X4 is a 3 day ban following the format
Someone can also be jailed for doing the following things: Avoiding sit, trolling, lying to staff, prop block (not major prop block), fading door abuse, prop push, prop climb, racism, disrespecting staff or users.

Do not perma ban anyone. If they do the things that deserve a perma ban listed below add "Extend to perma" in the ban reason and a higher up will deal with it.
Mass RDM: 6 weeks (Mass RDM| Banned by | Appeal at | Extent to perma)
Mass RDA: 6 weeks (Mass RDA | Banned by |Appeal at | Extend to perma)
Rope spam: 6 weeks
Major prop block: 6 weeks
Staff/user disrespect (if you deem it ban worthy): up to 4 days
Server disrespect: 1 week
Hacking: 6 weeks (Hacking | Banned by | Appeal at | Extend to perma)
Advertising other communities: 2 weeks

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